Safety First When It Comes To Kids Atvs

There are a few things that are just given when you are talking about safety and kids ATVs. First, they should never ride adult size ATVs ever! Second, they should always, always wear a childs helmet. If these two conditions are not met, you are flirting with disaster.

You won’t let your child ride your adult size ATV, so they are driving you crazy to the get them one of their own. But where do you start when you are looking for a safe kids ATV? Look for the built-in safety features. Children do not have the strength or reflexes that adults have. They need additional safety features to help keep them safe.

Make sure you purchase an ATV that has an engine small enough for pint-size riders. Knowing the reputation of the manufacturer or dealer is also very important. You want to purchase a kids ATV from someone that you can trust to be upfront and honest with you. Ask around if you are not sure where to look. Look at several different dealers if necessary. Trust your gut! If you are not comfortable purchasing from the person you have been talking to don’t!

Look for a kids ATV that is easy to manage and to maintain. You will need to keep the ATV maintained on a regular schedule. The ATV should be in top condition so that malfunctions do not add to the possibility of an accident. Make sure you are able to set a maximum speed limit on the ATV. This will prevent the old dilemma of telling your child not to go faster than a certain speed, and then they do it anyway. The ATV should be attractive to your child, but also durable. You do not want an ATV that is going to fall apart after a little wear and tear.

Talk to your children about how important safety is on an ATV. Let them know that their ATV is not a toy and should not be treated like one. If there are kids ATV education classes offered in your community, take them. Most often accidents are the result of a lack of knowledge.

Whether your child thinks it is cool or not, helmets are a must. Stress to your child that they absolutely must wear their helmet every time they are on their kids ATV. Helmets come in a variety of styles. Let them choose their helmet. This may make them a little more inclined to wear it. Do not let them wear hand-me-down adult helmets. Adult helmets are too big for childrens heads and will not provide any protection. If your child is involved in an accident, you should replace their helmet. Most helmets are only made for one impact.

If you follow these safety guidelines, and always supervise your children while they are riding, then they should have a great experience. They will learn to appreciate the safety precautions and love riding on their kids ATV.


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